Thursday, November 17, 2011

Scrapaperclip Giveaway

ehem..ehem..cuba nasib!
join giveaway Scrapaperclip.

hasil kerja Scrapaperclip!

wahh sangat gojes bukan?

Join them!

All you need to do is :
1. Be a follower.
2. Spread this news in your blog post title Scrapaperclip Giveaway. Simple one will do..No need to write so much. Quick and simple to link your post to mine so that others can participate too.
3. Leave comment here with your link of the post and email address easier for me to notify the winner later.
4. DONE !
5. Only Comments under this particular post will be accepted to join. Other post will be disqualified oke..

**Closing this Thursday 12pm Noon.*

*tuah ayam nampak dikaki tuah saya sape yang tahu ^_^


Fariza said...

good luck :)
terima kasih singgah hari itu.

♥ p a a n i ♥ said...

hehe gudlak yeee!!

cik.mila said...

thanks :)